Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Engagement

So I thought I would add some back story here.  We have a lot of pictures of our engagement and this is a great place to display them.  For Dave's 30th birthday I got the FirstEnergy Loge at the Akron Aeros minor league baseball game.  14 family members and friends were invited.  For months I had been asking what he wanted for his birthday since he is hard to buy for.  He always says he doesn't want anything - which can get super annoying because I want to get him something!.  Everytime I asked he would reply "you".  During the Aeros game everyone was called together to sing "Happy Birthday"  I was asked to hold a cupcake (we couldn't bring a cake to the ball game) with a candle in it while people took pictures.  When the singing was over Dave pulled out a ring and said "I told you all I wanted for my birthday was you"  I was really happy to be able to share this with the family and our close friends!  

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