Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dresses and Bridal Shows

     Tara came up on Friday from VA to spend some bridesmaid time together :)  We started the weekend with some homemade pasta and vodka sauce and 3 bottles of wine.  It was good to catch up.  Saturday we met my mom and Mari (her exchange student from Japan) in Strongsville to look at bridesmaid dresses.  When we got there we decided it would be fun for me to try dresses on too.  I tried on dresses for about an hour and may have found one!  My consultant, Chookie, was a big Hawaiian lady who was awesome.  She kept telling Tara how to get me into the dresses and calling me Pipsqueak.  haha.  I fell in love with 2 and can't decide what to do!  I am going to go back in a few weeks and try them on again.  Tara tried on some bridesmaid dresses and I think I found that too!  I want my other bridesmaids to try it on but Abbey and Alec seem to like it from the pics :)  It's a burnt orange that I just love.  I didn't think I would find a color of orange that would look good on everyone but I think we have!  I also took a look at tuxes at the attached Tuxedo Junction and found a great green for the vest and tie that matched with the orange like I wanted.  The boys are going to look dashing!  I really felt like I got a lot done.  Catan Fashion really is a one stop shop.  They had photography and cake stores too.  The place was so big, I swear I walked 2 miles just looking at everything, and the back and forth from bride to bridesmaid dresses.

     Sunday was the Today's Bride bridal show at the Sheraton in Cuyahoga Falls.  Sandie (mother of the groom), Jenn (mother of the ringbearer, wife of a groomsman, and friend), Alec, Tara, my mom, Mari, and Aunt Donna all came with me.  It was kinda hard to talk to everyone and visit all the booths with that many people but it was fun!  We tried some good food and cakes. They even had cannolis with the chocolate fountain.  I picked up some information on a DJ and limo service.  We had a chance to look at more tuxes but Dave likes the ones we saw on Saturday.  We got in a photobooth and took some fun pics.  A lot happened this weekend in the world of the Chipps wedding!

*UPDATE*  Here is our photostrip from the show!

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