Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tasting at Barrington

We had our tasting at Barrington on the Sat. before Christmas.  It was a lot of fun.  My mom, brother, and Abbey came with us.  We got to try lots of wonderful food and set the menu.  We also got to talk to Jen, the wedding coordinator, about some of the questions we had.  We walked through the wedding day and talked about how things will look.  I feel like we really got a lot done.  After the tasting I talked to my mom about the invitations.  It has been a big topic lately.  We had a hard time coming up with a decision on what we wanted.  I think we finally have it though.  It might be a lot of work, but we have time!  We stopped at the pro shop on the way out and mom bought us a Barrington Golf Club ornament.  It will be a beautiful way to remember our wedding spot every year when we decorate our tree.  They had some great stuff at the pro shop.  Next up: Save the Dates!!

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