Friday, December 3, 2010

Bridal Party Spotlight {Joey Case}

Acting like we are using the phone booth in England
Going to our cousin's wedding in SC
Joey is my brother! :)  We are pretty close for being almost 5 years apart.  He is currently going to school at OSU for Civil Engineering and is also in Naval ROTC.  He loves it and is very patriotic.  Our family travels a lot so we have been to many fun places together such as Italy, Greece, England, the Bahamas, etc.  We enjoy celebrating our Italian heritage and eating Italian food!  (and wine, and sambucca!!)  He can be very protective, I thought he was going to go to jail in Greece for killing a guy that said something to me in Greek. (the guy looked creepy, but we have NO idea what he said!)  But, he loves Dave!  Sometimes they are like the same person, haha. We all went to the Dominican Republic together in the spring and it was a blast.

Relaxing in the Bahamas

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