Monday, November 22, 2010


thanksgiving at the beach
 This weekend was a busy one!  Friday we drove up to Fremont to meet with the photographer and pick a save the date.  We picked one, and I did not post it on the last post so those of you getting one would still be surprised :)  It's a good one, I am excited to send them out.  They will probably get sent out around Jan or Feb.  We are going to Myrtle Beach tomorrow to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with the Chipps'.  I am excited, I spent most of the day Sat cooking and getting ready to leave.  I made some Italian Sausage sauce for a pasta dish, bacon bark, a stromboli for the ride down, and some Andes Candies cookies.  All yummy, but the kitchen was a mess!!  haha.  Sunday though, was another day of getting things done for the wedding.  I went back to Catan Fashion, this time with my mom, Aunt Donna, and Alec.  I retried on one of the dresses I found last time and bought one!!  I have my dress!  I won some free accessories, so I think I found my necklace too.  I want to try it on again when I go back to try the dress on when it comes in.  Free is definitely good!  Not much is free in the wedding industry.  I also decided on Bridesmaids dresses and Alec bought hers!  She stood next to me while we were both in our dresses and wearing our earrings.  It was a lot of fun.  The earrings were made by a family friend and I love them.  They look great with the dresses.  I think the dresses will really look good on everyone, and go well with the guys.  We stopped in Tuxedo Junction with my dad and Dave as well and they looked at some Tuxes.  We decided on some to compliment the bridesmaids dress.  Now, they will just have to go back and get fitted.  I am still trying to decide what I want the ushers to wear.  There is 3 of them.

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