Friday, July 8, 2011

Less than 100 days!

Here we are almost to the 3 month mark.  Wedding to dos will start picking up soon.  MOB and I finished the invitations this week.  They were a lot of work!  I have to bring them to the post office next week and get them out, so if you got a save the date, check your mail in the next couple weeks for our lovely handcrafted invites! :)  Dave's birthday is today so we are having a party tomorrow.  Next weekend is the shower!  I am excited for both events.  I have to call my hairdresser and make my practice hair appointment!  I keep forgetting to do that.  Wedding night hotel room has been booked, and I checked on the reservations.  There should be plenty for anyone who wants to stay Fri or Sat night.  I think that is it for now, more updates in the weeks to come!  Everyone enjoy the nice weather this weekend! :)

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