Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Updates - Odds and Ends

We have actually been getting things done the last couple weeks!  We got the groomsmen gifts in!  We love them and can't wait to give them out :)  We started purchasing things to make the invitations, hopefully we will finalize that this weekend.  We have been making many trips to craft stores to purchase odds and ends for the big day.  I never thought I would be in  a craft store so many times in a week!  I am working on another DIY project to be part of the decorations.  I will post some pictures of that when it is further along.  We decided to go to Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon!  Dreams has a beautiful all inclusive resort there :)  I can't wait to just relax in the sun!  I also set up a registry for the resort.  That was fun and people can get us gifts to use on our honeymoon!  How awesome!  I started checking into what I have to do to change my name.  Signed up for a new email address, downloaded forms from the Social Security office, just some things to help when it comes time to change. 
We still have a lot to do, and our basement is filling up, but hopefully we will have it all done well in advance of the big day!  6.5 months left!

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